Monthly Archives: September 2013

Pupa Milano New Collection – Italian Beauty Haul!

  A recent visit to Italy by a dear colleague ensured I could get my hands on this raved about Italian beauty brand. And you know what? The hype is well worth it for these! The two eyeshadow colours I had the luxury of trying are 101 Pink Sugar (Satin Finish) and 104 Violet (Pearl […]

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Winter beauty secrets – Part 1

A recurring question every woman has is how often she must edit her skincare items and the answer is at least every 6 months. As seasons change, so does skin texture and how it adapts in the whether. While summer is a season most women with oily women detest, winter is quite the opposite. In […]

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STOP BULLYING – Anonymous Share

This girl really touched me, she is the first one who shared her story with me and I am beyond happy to make any tiny difference. Read on to hear her story. If you come from an Indian background this is very relatable, and if you don’t then just try to understand through the cultural […]

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