Monthly Archives: January 2016

Urban Decay Vice 4 Review

I’ve sort of let beauty content slide on my blog and part of it is because life got in the way. Part of it, I sort of lost my inspiration and drive to enthusiastically discuss swatches and pigmentation. But, all’s not lost and I’m kicking off 2016’s first makeup post with a gorgeous eyeshadow palette; […]

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10 tips on travelling solo

Travelling alone is like marmite, you must have an acquired taste for it and not everyone quite gets the ‘hype’. While I may hate marmite, travelling alone has held a certain affinity in my heart. It’s a terrifying and terrific all at once. After taking two trips to Hong Kong and Georgia #allbymyself (Did you sing […]

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Ringing in the New Year’s in Tbilisi

  Some days my stubbornness really boggles me. Why, you ask? Because, I have believed in this strange quality of healing through travel… As if it’s supposed to fix the turmoil on the inside and calm down your anxieties while focussing on ‘what’s now’ and the glory of discovering. This trip was a realization that […]

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