Monthly Archives: March 2016

Grandma’s Recipe | Kheema Kofta

Food has this quality of belongingness. It has a past, it has an identity and above all it has a story. This recipe has a personal resonance with my past, with my dear grandma and it doesn’t get more special than this. She was the queen of cooking in my family, unfortunately, I haven’t ever […]

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From the bottom of my healing heart

“And that’s the kind of comfort only past can bring, it can’t be reached, but neither can it be erased, isn’t that something to think about? Something to cherish?

I think so…”

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Burberry Haul + Review

When it comes to makeup; Burberry is one of the understated brands that is probably known more for it’s trademark checkered scarves or tan overcoats than their eloquent line of makeup. I’ve given a lot of their products a whirl in the last few months and while a brand overhaul will come in soon, this […]

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Four things at Ripe Market

I’m so glad that Dubai is finally leaning towards the #GetAwayfromTheMall culture, because that means exciting markets and exhibits like Ripe Market and Street Nights DXB are getting their well deserved hype. Being here for the last 13 years has definitely impacted my resilience to the great outdoors and I’ve resorted (like many other) to […]

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A cuff love-affair

I’m in LOVE with the newest accessory I got from ASOS (and it’s already not on the website), but if you do get your hands on this River Island beauty, it’s totally worth it! 

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