Monthly Archives: April 2016


The irresistible packaging of a NARS product is your first lead into the brand and then you get sucked into the performance and pigmentation. I picked up these two gorgeous bits form their Spring Collection and re-stocked an old fave. Here are my thoughts: 

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Review Burberry Cult Faves

Get your ‘Ooh’s’ and ‘Aah’s’ on, it’s time to talk Burberry Cult Faves! I had recently done a review on my new family recruits from their eloquent range, but I still owed you my all time loves from this brand. Here’s my take on Burberry.

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Chanel Dimitri and Adrienne Lipstick

There is nothing more alluring than a Chanel Lipstick. Exuding sheer payoff and eloquent packaging, it really is the queen of elegant makeup. Spring is almost here and I’m bringing in some old favorites from 2015. These have been an irrevocable part of my collection and I’m still not done with them! The formulation of […]

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